12th Meeting – 2011
Saenz Peña, Argentina

12th Meeting – 2011
Saenz Peña, Argentina

During the 70th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee  in Argentina, the XII Meeting of the Asociacion Latinoamericana de Investigacion y Desarrollo del Algodon (Latin American Association for Cotton Research and Development (ALIDA, for its acronym in Spanish) was held on Wednesday, September 7th, in Buenos Aires. 37 representatives of five countries, namely, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina, attended the meeting.

The objective of the working meeting was to evaluate the Association status.

Hence, ALIDA’s Chairman, Agro. Eng. Ivan BONACIC KRESIC proposed to consider and discuss the following issues:

  • Generation of an online-updated database of Latin American cotton researchers grouped by discipline, with the purpose of establishing contacts and exchanges.
  • Probable funding from ALIDA for the organization of the Latin American Cotton Congress, and determine how often it should be held.
  • Standardization of ALIDA’s two-year meeting format, reports presented at the meetings, etc.
  • Restructuring of ALIDA’s web page.

Some aspects to be considered in the Association from now on were agreed:

1. The need to form an Executive Committee to accompany the Presidency and Secretariat of the Association in their managerial duties.

  • Colombia:
    Mrs. Luz Amparo FONSECA (Conalgodon)
    Mr. Eduardo BARRAGAN (Corpoica)
  • Paraguay:
    Mr. Ubaldo BRITOS (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock)
    Mr. Oscar CESPEDES  (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock)
  • Brazil:
    Mr. Alderi Emidio DE ARAUJO (Embrapa)
    Mr. João Luiz RIBAS PESSA (Abrapa)
  • Bolivia:
    Mr. Victor Hugo SERRANO (Senasa)
    Mr. David Orellana CAMPOS (National Association of Cotton Producers)
  • Argentina:
    Mr. Aldo WUTHRICH (INTA EEA S. Peña)
    Mr. Guillermo CARRERAS (Santiago del Estero Province)

2. It was agreed to incorporate the Vice-President position in ALIDA. The Vice-President shall be from the country hosting the next meeting. In this case, it corresponds to Paraguay for which Oscar Pizzurno was appointed to serve this position.

3. In addition to the two-year meetings of the Association, it was agreed to schedule meetings that coincide with the Brazilian Cotton Congress, which is held every two years.

4. Strive for organizing the Latin American Cotton Congress within the framework of ALIDA.

5. Request Cotton Outlook to edit its magazine again in Spanish.

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