13th Meeting (Cartagena, Colombia – 2013)

The 13th Meeting of ALIDA was held in parallel at the 72nd Plenary Meeting of the ICAC, on October 3, 2013. Dr. Jorge Cadena of the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (CORPOICA) of Colombia, served as the Coordinator of the meeting.

Three prominent American researchers gave their presentations during the meeting: Dr. Wayne Smith and Dr. Steve Hague of Texas A&M University and Dr. Megha Parajulee of Texas Technical University. Their presentations were based on “Trends in the development of upland cotton varieties and education in plant selection””,  “”Development of resistance to multiple adversities in cotton”,” and “”Current status of Research on the Management of White Fly in Cotton”” respectively.  Dr. M. Rafiq Chaudhry of the ICAC made his presentation based on the production costs of cotton.

Ing. Agr. Diana R.  Piedra, Project Coordinator of Chaco-Formosa Regional Center, INTA (Argentina) was elected President of  ALIDA.
Next Meeting of ALIDA
It was decided that the 14th Meeting of ALIDA will take place in Paraguay (dates will be determined later on)

Meeting Program


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